I had the incredible opportunity to design and produce motion graphics for the prestigious American Music Awards, broadcasted on ABC. Teaming up with the talented Allan Wells and Ian Kennedy from MDOTS Design, we embarked on creating fresh and dynamic motion graphics that set the stage on fire.

Our toolkit included Cinema 4D team render for robust 3D visuals and Adobe After Effects for refining the overall look. Cinema 4D proved to be indispensable in crafting intricate graphical scenics that seamlessly spanned the vast screens on stage. We were tasked with not just creating visuals, but with embodying the essence of the AMAs' branding through innovative design.

Key highlights of our work include:

- New Motion Graphics House Looks: We developed all-new motion graphics that adorned the screens on stage, each meticulously crafted to enhance the live performances and award presentations.

- Dynamic 3D Visuals: Leveraging Cinema 4D team render, we produced stunning 3D graphics that captivated audiences and complemented the energy of the event.

- Perfectly Looping Animations: Using various color palettes, we ensured that every animation looped flawlessly, maintaining visual continuity throughout the show.

- Creative Challenge: One standout challenge was creating animations for a towering 35-foot cylindrical screen, transforming it into a futuristic Star Trek transporter system. This innovative approach not only met but exceeded expectations, adding a memorable touch to the event.

American Music Awards - Screens Design

Collaborating with Allan Wells, Ian Kennedy, and the entire team was an honor and a privilege. Their creativity and expertise pushed us to innovate and deliver beyond conventional boundaries.

As we continue to push the envelope in motion graphics and visual storytelling, we're grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such iconic events like the American Music Awards. Stay tuned for more insights into our creative process and future projects!