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we strategize, plan and execute amazing ideas

Attention-grabbing creative services help our clients cut through the noise, static and clutter of the media landscape to deliver their message succinctly and clearly. We’ve created visual content for some of the world’s biggest networks, brands and global corporations. Our clients keep coming because we deliver incredible results.  

minds blown


Amazing visuals begin with good design and we have a team with experience designing some of the most memorable visuals seen on television including the Oscars, The Tony Awards, The Emmy Awards, ESPN’s ESPY Awards, NBC’s The Voice and hundreds of other projects and clients. EYEIDEA is the creative conduit, gathering the best creative visuals, expert live production and most importantly, compelling ideas to bring your vision to any screen.

Motion Graphics  |  3D Animation  |  Video Production
Screens Design
  |   Live Events  |  Broadcast Design

Internal, B2B, B2C Media Production


We have the resources and experience to execute your live action production at almost any level, from intimate, documentary-style production all of the way to large scale, multi-camera live production. With decades of experience in film and broadcast, as well as live streaming, we have produced content that has consistently redefined what our clients thought possible on their budget and schedule. 

pipeline development


At EYEIDEA, we specialize in helping companies design and streamline their workflows by leveraging the latest in software, hardware, and AI technology. By integrating cutting-edge tools and intelligent systems, we help our clients optimize their production processes, ensuring efficiency and innovation at every step. Our expertise in utilizing advanced technologies allows us to tailor solutions that not only enhance productivity but also foster creativity, driving impactful results. Whether it's automating routine tasks, enhancing collaboration, or generating bespoke AI training, our approach ensures that your workflows are both agile and future-proof.

Marketing / Branding


EYEIDEA helps customers give their business, division, product or project a distinct and memorable identity through a simple, repeatable and effective marketing and branding framework. We conceive well-researched, sophisticated brand identities that are designed to build brand recognition and loyalty with your audience.