We are excited to share our latest achievement: working on the motion graphics for the 81st Golden Globe Awards! Collaborating once again with the brilliant Allan Wells and Ian Kennedy from MDOTS Design, we crafted all the motion graphics content for the screens on stage, bringing a unique and immersive experience to the event.

This year, we took our creativity to new heights by using Unreal Engine for the 3D visuals and Adobe After Effects for fine-tuning the overall look. The 81st Golden Globes, produced by the legendary Dick Clark Productions along with the talented Ricky Kirshner and Glenn Weiss (who also directed the event), was a spectacular showcase of talent and innovation.

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of this project was meeting Ricky and Glenn's vision of making the screens on stage appear as an extension of the practical stage, rather than just screens. This required a seamless blend of physical and digital elements, and Unreal Engine rose to the occasion magnificently. The scenics we created flowed effortlessly from the actual stage to the screens and back, creating a cohesive and captivating visual narrative.

Our highlights include:

- Stage Screens Integration: Utilizing Unreal Engine, we created stunning 3D scenics that seamlessly extended the practical stage onto the screens, enhancing the overall stage presence.
- Fine-Tuning with After Effects: Adobe After Effects allowed us to add the finishing touches, ensuring that every graphic element was polished to perfection.
- Collaborative Success: Working alongside Allan Wells, Ian Kennedy, Ricky Kirshner, and Glenn Weiss was an inspiring and rewarding experience. Their vision and creativity pushed us to deliver our best work yet.

Being part of such a prestigious event and contributing to its visual spectacle was a tremendous honor. The 81st Golden Globe Awards not only celebrated the best in film and television but also highlighted the power of cutting-edge technology in creating memorable experiences.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with these creative geniuses and look forward to many more collaborative adventures. Stay tuned for more insights and behind-the-scenes stories from our team. Here's to pushing the boundaries of TV production and delivering outstanding visuals!