Embracing or Bracing for the Future: Gen AI Pros & Cons – How Stock Media Creators Can Benefit from Generative AI

Hey there, fellow creators!  Let's talk about this a bit — Generative AI. If you’re a stock media creator like us at EYEIDEA, you’ve probably noticed the winds of change sweeping through the industry. And guess what? These changes can open up fantastic new opportunities for us. So, grab your coffee, get comfy, and let's dive into how we can benefit from Generative AI by creating new and wild content, and also by licensing our legacy content for ethical AI/ML training.

The Perks of Generative AI for Creators

1. Unleash Wild Creativity:
This is probably the sweetest part.  Generative AI can help us create out-of-this-world content that we could never have imagined. Think surreal landscapes, fantastical creatures, and abstract designs that push the boundaries of reality. By harnessing AI tools, we can explore new artistic realms and offer unique stock media that stands out in a crowded market.

2. Save Time and Effort ... But:
Creating high-quality content from scratch takes time and effort. AI can streamline this process by generating base images or videos that we can then tweak and perfect.  This means more content in less time without compromising on quality.  At the same time, Gen AI aslo creates more work because there's just more content to get handled.

3. Ethical Licensing of Legacy Content:
Our vast libraries of stock images and videos are gold mines for training AI and ML models. By licensing this content for ethical AI training, we ensure that AI systems learn from high-quality, diverse datasets. Plus, it's an additional revenue stream for us—win-win!

The Challenges of Generative AI for Traditional Buyers

While the future looks bright for creators, traditional buyers of stock media might face some bumps on the road.

1. Quality Control:
AI-generated content can sometimes miss the mark in terms of quality and realism. Traditional buyers need to be cautious and ensure that the AI-generated media they purchase meets their standards. AI can bust out 100 images in an hour. And yet, the buyer still might get the image they really want. In a way, this is just creating more work for designers.

2. Ethical Concerns:
There's a growing concern about the ethics of AI-generated content, especially when it comes to the originality and ownership of the created media. Buyers must be vigilant about the sources of their stock media to avoid legal and ethical pitfalls. The lawsuits are mounting by the day. Ethical sources (like Adobe Firefly) will probably be the ones that survive the AI gold rush.

3. Saturation:
As AI makes it easier to create content, the market might become saturated with similar-looking media. Traditional buyers will need to sift through more content to find truly unique and valuable pieces. I have expereinced this first hand.

Pros and Cons of Generative AI in Stock Media


- Innovative Content Creation: Open up new creative possibilities and styles.
- Efficiency: Faster content creation processes.
- Revenue Opportunities: Licensing legacy content for AI training.
- Adaptability: Stay ahead in an evolving market.


- Quality Variability: AI content may require additional refinement.
- Ethical and Legal Issues: Navigating the complex landscape of AI-generated media.
- Market Saturation: Potential for an oversupply of similar content.
- Buyer Skepticism: Traditional buyers might be wary of AI-generated media.


The Future of Stock Media with AI

So, what does the future hold? AI is here to stay, and it will continue to transform the stock media industry. For creators, it’s an opportunity to innovate, diversify, and find new revenue streams. Embracing AI tools can set us apart and keep us relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.

On the flip side, traditional buyers will need to adapt to these changes, ensuring they continue to get high-quality, unique content while navigating the ethical and legal complexities that AI introduces.

In conclusion, Generative AI offers a thrilling frontier for stock media creators. By leveraging AI to push our creative boundaries and responsibly licensing our legacy content for AI training, we can thrive in this new era. So, let’s embrace the future with open arms and see where this exciting journey takes us!

Until next time, be blessed and remember ... creator is as creator does! 🚀


Please share your thoughts and experiences with Generative AI in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Chad Anderson